10 Tips to score better in your Board Exams

Dear Students, as the final board exams are approaching we and all at home are stressed and worried. The main reason for stress is our thoughts. Unknowingly we keep on crating a lot of unproductive and waste thoughts that control us. The simple solution to this is to create good and positive thoughts. Following simple steps will help you be calm and focused during your exams.

Here are 10 tips which will help you perform better.

Drink plenty of water and fresh juice to keep your self hydrated

Eat home cooked comfort food. (Avoid outside food)

Sleep early and wake up early in the morning.

Wake up early and revise important points

Take 5-10 mins breaks during studies. Listen to relaxing music or just take a walk in fresh air

Avoid watching phones, social media and television completely.

Do 5 – 10 mins exercise or simple deep breathing in the morning. This will help boost concentration power

Pay attention to the quality of thoughts you are generating in your mind

Keep a positive mindset because your thoughts become reality and only you have the power to create them.

Be happy, relax and calm down

Here are some links for relaxing music and videos that can help.

Motivational Videos