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2 02, 2022

Animation! A great career path! After 12th

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To school-pass outs of 12th, animation, both 2D and 3D may have more characters they know than in real-life! For close to twenty years now, Animation has become established when it comes to communication. Initially it was for entertainment but now it has spread to every field making it a great career after 12th. You could be an engineer, a banker, a broker, a car-dealer, doctor or even a politician, you would still generate jobs in animation in some form or the other in order to communicate. Also, one of the biggest users of animation today is the online gaming industry, and online education where VFX artists are increasingly finding jobs.

We bring in some figures to show you how big the industry is.

A study of 2015 shows that the industry was in the process of moving out of outsourcing mode to become creator of original content! At that time only about 300 animation studios existed that employed about 15000 professionals! Before the Covid-19 lockdown, the VFX industry is said to have over 20% growth!

The industry might be down due to the pandemic. But its temporary and things will normalize for VFX and Gaming in the near future. In 2015, 20000 were employed in animation which by 2023 is likely to be 4.5 lacs! Worldwide also the industry shall see growth of approximating 3% over a 2019 figure of USD 264 billion. With production costs per film between USD 20 million to 300 million, a good 25% shall come to animation- a big, big sum of money.

You would want to know which industries employ animators and VFX specialists. From experience, we know the following industries do.

  • Online and Print News Media: Animations is best for communication.
  • Cartoon production: In entertainment industry, cartoons shall always be needed
  • Advertising: If you remember any advertisement, it’s either in full or near about made using cartoons and special effects
  • Movies: First there were movies with cartoons. Now, it’s an entire movie in animation!
  • Television: Close to movies is television where also the scope of work for animation is vastWhatever has been done till date is actually quite small compared to the scope.
  • E-learning: Scope for teachers in physical form is very limited. Cartoon characters have become the best teachers! You can have any type of teacher human or animal, and teaching becomes fun. Why, even a car or a refrigerator can become a teacher! The scope for this industry is becoming big every day!
  • Video Gaming: Smartphones brought animation to every user. And then came phone gaming and video gaming for which there cannot be anything better than animation characters.

Next, we tell you of all the jobs in the animation industry!

  1. Compositors
    Animation bring together varied fields and specializations from story creation to modelling, rendering, rigging and lighting. When each specialization has done its work in the context of the whole story, it’s left to the compositor to put the whole thing in a single order so that a sequence is maintained and the project flows in one line. Without the assistance of a compositor, a sequence may not be place and the story might lose its shape.
  2. Storyboard Artist
    It’s easy to get a story in place. Ramayana, Mahabharata to Chacha Chaudhary, India is full of stories. A career in animation that takes up the role of storyboarding brings a simple story and puts it across on paper with the entire environment with action and sequence. Animation consists of a series of scenes that include every character’s pose/ stance, facial expression and activities. Today, production is not on paper and has been replaced by software like Photoshop.
  3. Modeler
    Among the many roles in employment in the Animation industry, the modeller is very unique, challenging and very much in demand. Modellers bring 3D models of everything that we sees otherwise in 2D. They give it a live dimension to characters, surfaces, and sometimes even environments (like the feeling of being in a cave both in 2D and 3D!) They provide the much-needed reality to a project, while also keeping the production within an intended idea.
  4. Animators
    Among the career in animation after 12th, this one is the most known. They bring images, both 2D or 3D to life. During Walt Disney’s days each movement was broken down and drawn by hand on paper to achieve a minimum speed of 24 frames per second. Even the slightest of movement had a series of paper drawings. Today things are being done on software of various kinds. It has also moved ahead to add depth to 2D and made it 3D. 3D may sound technical, but those in animation including those holding a degree in animation will tell you that a 3D is far easier to replicate and change than 2D!
  5. Rigging artist
    As important as the animator is the one who rigs things such that all the character in the animation look plausible and relatable in the scheme of things. Like a surgical process, it adds bones to an existing structure and binds everything under a layer of skin. Modellers and rigging artists have to work closely in order to make the movement of characters look smooth and realistic instead of weird and jerky.
  6. Lighting Artist
    Like always, light finally signifies that the animation exercise is on the right track. Lighting is of primary importance. The right lighting effect makes every scene appear real. A morning scene, a night scene, a dark scene with faint lighting, everything requires a lighting artist who works closely with the animators to get the background light to make the scene look realistic.

In the end, there’s just one thing to be said. A career in animation after 12th, a degree in animation in India, or jobs in animation, they are all very realistic and in-demand. And that is because India is growing, and with that, the demand for animation be it in cartoons, films, TV serials, Games or even education. If you have a liking for the field, go for it.

2 02, 2022

6 Principles of Graphic Design that every graphic designer MUST know!!!

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It’s great to be a graphics designer! People recognize the worth of a designer when they see great designs. They remember another thing. The maker or owner of such designs. Had that not been the case, logos would not have existed. Well-made graphics add to its owner’s prestige and goodwill, and help them come close to their target audience. That said, bad graphics do the exact opposite. They repel and take away the worth and hard-work of an organization. The world is full of cases where wrong graphics have destroyed a brand, which had to revert to the original artwork.

It’s for this reason that our readers must know the 6 principles of graphic design so that they can get the best graphics which they can make or ask someone else to make.

  1. Compositors
    Animation bring together varied fields and specializations from story creation to modelling, rendering, rigging and lighting. When each The image to the right is an example of the importance of design principles in graphics that does not have any sense of balance. Fruits are just piled on, some cut, some uncut, and all of them of different sizes, colours and shapes. Such graphics cannot convey anything and are a simple waste of time. A well-balanced graphic should convey some idea. Such images are unstable overall, with different shapes which do not have any similarity or purpose.
    Balance is about stability to the whole design. If this image had some text, color elements and other shapes, probably they could have said something. There is also no symmetrical or asymmetrical balance that conveys anything at all.
  2. Alignment
    The second important design principal is Alignment. Look at the image on the right. It is all over the place. It might look cute or for some people it could be “so cool” but does not any symmetry? Is it easy to read and understand? Unless you want to do “maskhari” with your clients, do not try this. Keep the visual and text in a manner to create a clear connect that is easy to read, understand and admire. People will like you for that and if you are a brand, you may find customers fast and easy.
  3. Repetition
    Repetition is like hammering a nail. If it is done many times, the graphic and what it means goes deep in the mind and gets set there. Look at the image on the right. The “Summer Rocks” said so many times hammers the details into the mind for ever. Among the important design principals, this is one of the most important and easy to implement. BUT THERE SHOULD BE SENSE AND SYMMETRY, AND IT SHOULD LOOK GOOD!
  4. Colour
    Colors also communicate. In fact, colors can even talk! Look at the image to the right. It’s an advertisement of Mercedes Benz which speaks about how we process information. The left sides processes like a computer- only data, and is shown in dull grey. The right side of the brain processes like a picture, very colorful and with life, and is shown in a very colorful manner. This is a good example of how graphics speak without speaking just by using colors. Color theory is a very known way of speaking by the use of different colors. It should be used very widely and very wisely by graphic designers- but for that, the basic idea should be clear, and one should also know what each color stands for.
  5. Contrast
    Importance of the design principal is highlighted by the use of contrasts. White on black, old with new, man + woman, cat + mouse etc are some examples of how contrasts can communicate so well. It also makes people remember graphics for ever because of the contrasts. Look at the picture to the right. Its color contrasts shall make people remember it for a very, very long time.
  6. Typography
    The importance of design principles is best highlighted by Typography in graphics. Look at the image to the right. It says Panda. The words P and A are made to look like a Panda. Such typography is both a graphic and words. These strengthen the meaning and appeal of an idea and a graphic. People looking at such creations will have a very positive image, and would like to be associated with the brand.
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